Kill Apps PRO Close All Apps Running 1.6.3 Pro APK

Kill Apps lets you close all running apps at once by a simple touch, and prevents the apps from relaunching automatically.
Kill Apps PRO

It improves your phone’s performance
  • By speeding up your phone
  • By freeing the memory
  • By saving the battery
  • By cooling your phone
  • Your phone keeps many apps running in the background, which is consuming your system resources, and as a result draining your battery and reducing the available memory.
  • Close all running apps at once with one click
  • Close background tasks and services
  • Prevent the apps from restarting after being killed.
  • Exception list: Select the apps you want to keep running.
  • Supports user apps and system apps.
  • Task Killer
  • KillApps is a very powerful Task Killer that kill tasks and processes and prevents them from restarting automatically.
Speed booster
KillApps lets you speed up your phone when it runs slowly because of the many background running apps.

KillApps optimize your phone memory by freeing up RAM, and making space for new apps.

Closing apps helps save battery power and extend battery life.

Closing apps helps Cool down your phone temperature and reduces CPU usage.

This app does not collect any data , your privacy is safe

  • v1.6.3
  • + Added support for Android Oreo.
KillApps: Close all apps running v1.6.3 Pro Apk
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KillApps: Close all apps running v1.6.2 Pro Apk
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