LongShot for Long Screenshot v0.91 Pro APK

LongShot for Long Screenshot
LongShot for Long Screenshot

Stitch multiple screenshots/images into a pixel-perfect long one, or capture long web page directly.
Plus a handy tool for taking multiple screenshots. LongShot is a great app for taking long screenshots of conversations, web pages, threads, etc.


  • Automatically merge multiple screenshots/images into one vertically or horizontally, with a bunch of options.
  • Powerful manual stitching tool to fine-tune a pixel-perfect long image.
  • Floating screenshot capturing buttons make take multiple screenshots like a breeze.
  • Capture long web page by only 2 clicks: set start position (optional), set end position – done!
  • No watermarks, all features are free, and non-intrusive (closable) ads.

What’s New

  • NOTE: due to latest Google Play policy, apps can not use Accessibility services except helping disabled users. Because of that, the auto-scroll feature is removed since it depending on that. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Bug fixed: crash when sharing screenshot.
  • Enable auto zooming when capturing web page.